I started crocheting over easter 2006 and started knitting in July 2006, while living abroad. I started spindle spinning in March 2008 and got my spinning wheel in November 2008. This is my log of my knitting, crochet and spinning projects. This blog was called “Expat knits, spins and crochets” until February 2009.

Why “Verdande”?

I am something of a serial enthusiast (knitting has stuck around longer than most of my diverse passions). When I was (much) younger, one of my interests was mythology, particularly Norse mythology. Here is an extract of  a blog post I wrote just after I started spinning:

In Norse mythology, the ash tree Yggdrasil is considered the centre of the earth, and its branches encircle the heavens. Its three roots run from three different well springs – one from Mime’s well, one from the Norse hell Helheim and one from the dwelling of the Norns (Urd’s well). The Norns are Urd, Verdande and Skuld (the past, the present and the future). They spin the life thread of every newborn baby as well as the gods (who are not considered immortal in Norse mythology). Skuld spins the thread (birth), Verdande plies it (life) and Urd cuts it (death). Considering that the Norse myths were mainly told by and for men, it is interesting to consider the power which was attributed to the Norns and their spinning. Were women and their activities considered mysterious and incomprehensible by the men at the time?

Oh, and the name “Verdande” literally means “being”. I figured that the Norn of the present was the right choice for me and my stage in life. I’m no longer a child – in fact I have children of my own, and am at that very hectic stage of raising a young family in the midst of work and other obligations. I no longer – hard as that is to admit – represent the future. Verdande – being – it is.


Contact me at ceecrochet (at) gmail.com

I have a few free patterns on this blog. They are not professional patterns, just my attempt to share successful projects. They are free for you to use, for yourself, for gifts or for sale. If you distribute the pattern in any way, please credit this blog.


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