Healthy goodness

Lately I’ve been trying to eat less white flour. This crisp bread is very healthy and also very, very yummy. My version is a tweaked version of this Hot Chocolate Media recipe.


150 ml spelt flour

100 ml dark rye flour

100 ml barley flour

350 ml oat bran

150 ml sesame seeds

200 ml sunflower seeds

100 ml flax seed (I like the toasted ones from Trader Joe’s, they add a delicious nutty flavour)

100 ml wheat bran

1 tea spoon salt

700 ml lukewarm water – add a tea spoon of honey if you like.


Mix all ingredients in a bowl and spread very (VERY) thinly with a spatula on parchment paper-covered cookie sheets.

Set your oven to convection baking at 330 degrees Fahrenheit and bake for ten minutes. Use a pizza cutter to cut into crisp bread pieces and bake on for 30 minutes more. If they’re still a little soft, they can go back in the cooling oven with an oven mitt in the door for a while.


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