After shots

So they had to wait a little, but here are my dyed Hedera socks:

They are just dyed with three different colors of Kool-Aid (black cherry, orange and a little grape), but although the dye job isn’t completely even, it is color-fast. I like them a lot better now than in their pre-dyed state.
In other news, since I don’t think I’ve said so, the Hedera pattern is really lovely. I especially like the heel pattern and the high heel flap. In the pattern, it is about 50 rows high. In the Monkeys I’m knitting now I’m going down to 40-44 (still taller than what’s in the original Monkeys pattern), and even that leaves comfortable room for my high arches.

The Monkeys should be done in a day or two. Can’t wait to show them off properly.


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