Hedera completed


My long-suffering Hedera socks, started in December 2007(!) are finally finished. They have been languishing in a WIP bag lo these many years, but after I picked them back out a week ago to have some knitting on our road trip to New York, I have knit one toe (twice) and one whole sock. I reknit the toe because I could not figure out how to graft the toe shut. After several frustrating attempt ended in several unintended purl stitches, I gave it up and ended it like a round toe. Gave me some more wriggle room, too, so it worked out well. I really hate the colour of the yarn, which may have contributed to the length of time involved. As I write, my new Hedera are taking a bath with some black cherry, orange and grape Kool-Aid. After pictures to come! In the meantime, a couple more before shots:




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