Summer cardigan

Now that I’m a couple of weeks into my first summer here in DC, I’m beginning to realise the folly of knitting a summer cardigan for this climate. But I didn’t know that in March, when I started this project. I had stopped by Looped Yarnworks, and they had quite a lot of Rowan Summer Tweed at 40 % off. I wanted to knit a quick and easy summer cardigan. I have loved my February Lady Sweater, so I figured the same pattern would do the trick for summer as well. I love Rowan Summer Tweed in finished projects, but knitting it is surprisingly annoying. This yarn has an unbelievable amount of veg matter in it, I had to pause every couple of stitches to pull out an embedded bit of straw.


And it does! I have worn it a couple of times – we had about a week of cool weather (by which I mean temperatures that would have Norwegians flocking to the beach) where it was perfect.


I’m very pleased with it. Looking at the pictures now, I’m beginning to wonder whether I should have knit the sleeves another inch or two longer, but I’m very happy with the length when I wear it. In order to avoid the silk growing with wear (a tendency which could only be exacerbated by the garter stitch in the yoke), I reinforced the neckline with elastic lace hem tape. It has the benefit of stretching exactly enough to lie flat even on a raglan yoke, but still providing enough structure to keep the silk and cotton from stretching into an off-the-shoulder style cardie. Also, it looks pretty when it peeps out if I wear it open.

I guess thanks are due to Looped Yarnworks, not only for discounting the yarn, but also for having lots of customers willing to advise me on the buttons to go with the cardigan. I had it narrowed down to three different types when the customers at Looped unanimously supported the light wooden ones.


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