New York souvenirs and a dress unveil

We spent this weekend in New York. I had only one real wish for the trip, I wanted to visit Purl SoHo. However, our schedule was tight and the kids wanted to see all the sights, so I decided to wait until Sunday and see if we could find the time. On Saturday evening, we decided on a whim to go to SoHo for dinner, and by pure coincidence, our taxi stopped right across the street from Purl. So I popped in quickly while the rest of the family went restaurant-hunting. I didn’t have a lot of time, but I found some nice mementos of our weekend:

While strolling around Central Park earlier in the day, I got some members of my family to shoot some pictures of a dress I finished about a month ago. I copied the pattern off of my favourite boat-neck t-shirts from Zara, and sewed it up in a rich, deep red double-knit wool that was bought during the Exquisite Fabrics moving sale.

Here’s the shot I took when I finished it – I trust you see why I had to do a supplemental photo shoot:



This one was taken by the four-year-old – easily the best shot:
HPIM3214 - Copy

I’m very, very happy with this dress. In fact, I think I have enough fabric left over to make an exact copy, and I may just do that. Love it!


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