Coffee date dress

I recently tried my hand at the lovely Coffee Date Dress pattern (free download on the Burda website). I used a duvet cover I bought on sale recently, as I intended it as a muslin. In the end, however, I decided to line it and install a zipper after all. It was a good learning experience, and I’ve worn the dress a couple of times. There are, however, a couple of adjustments I need to make if I ever make this dress again.


Based on the measurements on the pattern, I cut the pattern and the fabric to a size 40 in the shoulder and bust, but a size 42 waist and hip. That, however, turned out to be ridiculously loose in the waist. So next time, I’ll go down to a 40 throughout.

I also should have adjusted for my long torso (a lesson I should have learnt already). So next time, I will drop the top points of the bust darts and the waist line (bottom of the bodice) by two centimetres.

It does work, however, especially if I wear it with the elastic belt I made to go with it after discovering the waist fit issues:




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