Jeans rescue

My favourite pair of jeans – high-waisted stretch flared jeans from FCUK – recently died, in that they developed a hole on one of the knees. It’s been lying in wait while I pondered my options. I thought of patching it with a fun applique, but I realised I wouldn’t ever wear it outside the house. So the other night I took a pair of scissors to it, and cut it right across the knees where the hole was.

The top half became a knee-length pair of shorts, which will come with me on vacation shortly:


The wide flaredĀ legs gave me an idea. I opened up the inside seam on both of them, sewed them together, added a wide band of ribbing (maternity-style. I am – as previously vouch-safed – not pregnant, but who can deny that maternity-style stretchy ribbing is the most comfortable of all waistband styles?) and made a skirt:


There are, of course, two other benefits to the ribbing. First – no zipper! what’s not to like. And secondly, I can wear it higher or lower, because the ribbing just hugs my curves no matter where the skirt sits.

I may embellish these a little later.


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