Memories of Summer

This weekend has marked the start of Christmas preparations at our house. Advent Calendar gifts have been purchased and the first three batches of Christmas cookies have been baked. But before I get to that, I need to share some pictures I’ve been trying to find since I shot them in June. Turns out I had uploaded them to my MP3-player, which I never use for picture storage and deleted them from the camera memory card. I wanted to share them to remind myself that summer will be here again, even if its -13 and several centimetres of snow right now.

Museum Tunic:
Museum Tunic
This very simple – and not altogether flattering, unfortunately – dress was made after seeing Anna Maria Horner’s beautiful dress and instructions. I made things unnecessarily difficult for myself by making a mistake in the cutting – I split the fabric lengthwise as well as widthwise. I’m not too happy with it, but it’s comfortable for summer lounging. Next year I’ll probably get it out and close up the sleeves alittle while lowering the neckline a little both in the front and back.

I’ve been working on this little flannel suit for my nephew since well before he was born. Unfortunately I ran into some trouble with the fabric, which frayed more than I had anticipated, and with the twin needles I used to attach the ribbed edging. As always, the solution is “get better tools”, and after I upgraded from cheapo twin needles to the proper Bernina needles, I had no trouble.

Baby kimono
 Baby trousers

Both patterns are from SikkSakk, but the trousers are really an amalgam of two patterns, where I combined some balloon-type trousers with a pair that has some very practical long ribbing in the waist. For the smallest babies, I remember liking the long ribbing very much because it kept them warm even if the jacket rode up and sat on while not pinching their waist.

div 043

Some more from the summer archives: One of the best things about our house is the giant rhubarb plant that the former owners had planted. It keeps us supplied with fresh, lovely rhubarb all summer long, and one harvest gives us exactly enough for a proper rhubarb crumble.

div 044

I like to use less sugar than called for in the recipe, but I serve it with fresh whipped cream, which makes it exactly sweet enough to eat while keeping the fresh taste of the rhubarb.
div 054


And last from the summer archives – we went with some friends to Vinga, and I got these two pictures of the inside of the lighthouse. I like the pattern on the lamp – I wonder if I could replicate it in knitting?
To the lighthouse

To the lighthouse


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