I’m very proud of my latest crafty achievements!

After I started reusing old clothes for clothes for my kids (inspired by the two Norwegian craft books Brukt på nytt and Sikksakk), I mentioned to my mother that I’d be grateful for old clothes from her, and a few days later she brought over some old clothes and some fabric scraps, one of which was some roughly woven red polkadot cotton that had belonged to my late paternal grandmother. For some reason I started imagining a skirt made from that fabric. I don’t think I would ever have contemplated buying a skirt like that, but I very much wanted to sew one. I made my own pattern for an a-line skirt using several templates and tutorials online:

Skirt front

I really like it! It is very comfortable. After I wore it the first time, I decided the fit needed some refining, so I removed the waistband and added some darts before reinstalling the waistband. It now fits better than all my store-bought skirts!

Skirt back

I’m particularly proud that I managed to install a zipper for the first time so painlessly:
Skirt zipper detail

I love the little smiley face button! Maybe the best thing about the skirt is the fact that the fabric reminds me of my grandmother.

In parallell, I’ve been struggling with my summer jacket, which I started in early May. I suffered some setbacks, both of the self-inflicted and the airport security variety. On the positive side, I think the anger generated by seeing my Knitpicks metal tips unceremoniously dumped into a trash bin propelled me to knit faster once I had the jacket safely back on the needles.

Drops jacket front

Pattern: Drops 119-8. (Rav link)

Yarn: Garnstudio Lin, in the most beautiful deep red.

Started: 1 May 2010

Finished: 6 July 2010

I think this is my most successful knit so far. I made some tiny adjustments (less aggressive waist shaping) and substituted Garnstudio Lin (100 % linen softly spun single) for th (e called-for Garnstudio alpaca, and used needle sizes 5.5 mm and 3 mm rather than the recommended 5 mm and 4 mm. The yarn substution especially was a fortuitous choice. Linen is, in my view, a much more sensible yarn for a short-sleeve summer cardi than alpaca, and the drape of this yarn is just stunning.

Drops jacket back

The length is very nice on me as well. This cardi is longer than most other knits I’ve made for myself, but I think I will aim for this length more often.

Drops jacket front


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