I’m so inspired to sew at the moment! And it takes some inspiration to get it done, since I have no dedicated sewing space. To sew, I have to completely take over the kitchen, so I don’t do it until well after the kids have gone to bed. Getting set up to sew and packing everything away afterwards also ends up taking a significant portion of the available time. So I generally stick to simple projects that I can mostly finish in one evening.

The first item I want to show you is the pair of trousers for my son that I mentioned in my last post:

These trousers were sewn from a pattern in “Brukt på nytt” by Kathrine Gregersen. The fabric was from my husband’s old trousers. Originally, I just hemmed them. However, they were a little long, and the fabric along the hem was a little more worn than I thought, so my son wore through the hem in only a few days. I chopped off the hem and used one of my old t-shirts to add a ribbed edge to the trousers. Now they fit perfectly, and the ribbing keeps them from dragging on the ground:

Inspired (!) by the trouser success, I also tried my hands at a shirt for my son:

Pattern: Vøltskjorte, from Sikksakk

I sewed it from an old man’s shirt from Zara. It hadn’t been used very much, so the fabric is nice and crisp still. The clever thing about this pattern is its use of the original buttonbands and back details. I really love the way this came out!



The sleeve detail. The only problem I had with the pattern was the sleeve length. I could see when I was cutting out the paper pattern that the pattern piece was much too short, so I added five centimetres when I cut out the fabric.

In my next post: A dress I made for my daughter – and some thoughts on how easy it is to bring happiness to people 🙂


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