Great new book and some Ikea inspiration

I picked up a new book last weekend:

 april2010 060

May B. Langhelle: SikkSakk – sy barneklær av brukte voksenklær (Gyldendal 2010). It’s a collection of patterns and ideas for reusing old clothes to sew children’s clothes. Some particular favourites of mine (and my kids, as you will see):

april2010 061

A jump suit made from an old duvet cover

april2010 063

A baby sack and a kimono jacket made from an old woollen sweater

april2010 064

A sun hat from old linen trousers

april2010 065

“Monster mittens” – outer protective mittens sewn from an old cotton coat. These were the only items both my kids insisted that I sew for them.

Some weeks ago we took a much-needed trip to IKEA, and this colourful offering caught my eye:
These crocheted flowers are sold in packages of five called “Lusy”, and are 100 % cotton. Now, I could easily crochet most of these myself, but they were so charming (and cost so little, considering they are, of course, handmade!) that I bought a pack.


As soon as we got home, I used one of them to mend an old pair of trousers that are beginning to fall apart at the knees:
april2010 078

This repair was unusually successful, at least considering the response of my daughter.

I loved the colours of this bumper pack of thread (not the quality of it, though, as the bobbins snag the thread every time I try to use it):

Another, more useful purchase was this table-top ironing board, which means I can iron where I sew, instead of trekking up and down a flight of stairs every time I need to iron down a seam.
april2010 069

It even has a hanger hook, so it fits in my storage cupboard right next to my new hanging shelf, where I stash clothes to be mended and ongoing sewing projects…
april2010 070


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