A useful little knit


Pattern: Garter-cuff gloves and mittens by Deborah Newton from Weekend Knitting

Yarn: Rauma Istra kamgarn, colour #2028. The yarn is one of very few worsted-spun yarns from Rauma, and I’m not convinced that it is generally the best choice for mittens, but I chose it because it most closely matched the Rauma Vamsegarn that I used for my lace beret with matching scarf.

Knit: 24-26 November.

This is a very nice pattern. I had some problems of my own devising, because I thought I’d like the mittens better if they had a ribbed cuff. Apart from the cuff, I knit the pattern as written, but when I put the mittens on, it turned out that the cuffs weren’t very good looking and the mittens needed shortening above the cuff. So I decided to pull out one of the tricks I’ve learnt from the knit blogging community. I chose the correct row about 1.5 cm above the old cuff, snipped a single stitch, unravelled in both directions, picked up the resulting free stitches and knit down a new cuff.

It’s not actually all that difficult, but performing a trick like that makes you feel very clever.

And that is a good thing, because just this week, I did something so monumentally stupid to my knitting that I can’t even quite believe it. I was knitting the sleeves for my son’s cardigan two at a time on one circular needle magic-loop style, and it was taking forever because of the fiddliness. Eventually, though, I got to 30 cm, sometime after midnight. I checked the sleeves against the pattern to make sure I had enough stitches for the raglan yoke, and discovered I had sixteen stitches too few on each sleeve. I put them aside to count again the day after, but had the same too-low stitch count then, and decided to rip them out rather than trying to make do with too-tight sleeves. The moment I had ripped out both sleeves and rewound the yarn into balls, I turned over the page in the pattern book and discovered the pattern I had been knitting – and which showed that I had had the correct number of stitches. I still want to cry when I think about those sleeves. I’m a little over halfway on the first replacement sleeve, but with the bad karma of that project, I don’t think it will be finished too soon. But at least I have nice red mittens to make me feel warm and clever:


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