These last few glorious days of summer holidays have been absolutely wonderful for my crafting. I have been knitting a lot, spinning a little and even branched out into other crafts. In the next few days I’ll be blogging it all.

Contrary to all conventions of suspenseful story-telling, I’ll start with the best, simply because I’m dying to share it. I give you…. my new knitted jacket:


Pattern: Babydoll cardigan from Alt om Håndarbeide April 2009

Yarn: Lerke from Dale Garn (50 % merino wool, 50 % cotton). The pattern calls for a cotton/acrylic blend, but I wanted a warmer and all natural yarn. Even with the wool content, it is perfect for the cool summer weather we’ve been having recently. 7.6 balls used.

Needles: 3, 3.5 and 2.5 mm needles in Addi and Knitpicks.

Modifications: Lowered the underbust cinching by two centimetres, otherwise knit exactly as the pattern says.

Started: 20 April 2009.

Finished: 28 July 2009.

I’m so happy with this cardigan! I decided to knit it almost the moment I saw it in the magazine, but I immediately knew from past, bitter experience that I would have to lower the empire line underneath the bust. I was quite nervous about making such a visible change, but I measured myself and several empire line sweaters and shirts I already own before I started the work and it turned out exactly right. It’s a very comfortable garment and has already been used several times both at work and at home.



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