FO at the beach

I finished my hemmed wonder, just in time to wear it to our first proper trip to the beach this year!


Pattern: Top-down raglan of my own devising, with hems and a yo row for a ribbon.

Yarn: Vlnap Samanta (Cotton, rayon, acrylic), ca 280 grams.

Needle: 3.5 mm for hems, 4 mm for the body of the sweater.

Thoughts: I’m reasonably happy with this sweater. I wanted it slightly a-line, with a ribbon or cord to cinch it in a litte below the bust. The front neckline is a little loose, and I’m not quite sure about the ribbon, but overall I like the relaxed fit. It’s very comfortable to wear and the yarn is very soft. I love the tweediness of thea yarn.


I may be done with the sweater, but I’m not emptyhanded. My new WIP came along to the beach:


It’s a swingy “babydoll” cardigan from a Scandinavian knitting and sewing magazine. It’s been slow going so far, I’m hoping it will speed up without the raglan competition.


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