Back behind the wheel

I’ve had a little bit of a spinning break for the past couple of weeks. I’ve been slogging along on some sweater projects, and I just finished the last of my nice summery fibre, so I didn’t feel like spinning. But now I’ve gotten back in the swing of things a little. Here is the last thing I finished, a few weeks ago:


This is BFL, handdyed by Allspunup. This yarn is the first three-ply I’ve attempted. The two large skeins in the back are 99 grams together, and the meterage is written down on a sadly lost piece of paper, but around 250 metres, I’d suspect. I haven’t tested WPI, but I would guess at a fingering weight. The mini skein in front is 12 grams, 64 metres of two-ply from what was left on the bobbins.

The mini skein is testimony to my failure to accurately divide the fibre supply into three. I have to say, plying three singles was significantly harder than plying two. I had a harder time keeping them separate and had to break off more often in order to deal with tangles. I also misjudged how thin I had to go on the singles, and so the resulting yarn is thinner than I had originally envisaged. I’m not spinning for a particular project, though, so it’s all good.

I”ve also replenished the fibre supply a little, as I was beginning to lose inspiration to keep on spinning. The following beauties arrived today from Fyberspates, the best fibre dyer in Europe in my opinion:

This is 106 grams of superwash merino. I’ve spun a similar colourway from this dyer before, so I’m excited about this. But that’s nothing compared to this:


This is 100 grams of Baby Boo (70 % baby alpaca, 20 % merino, 10 % bamboo) in the colourway chocha mocha. I LOVE this! It’s super soft and the colour is incredibly beautiful, a blend of mauve, golden beige and purple. If I can do it justice spinning-wise, it would make a truly stunning lace scarf.

My current spinning WIP is causing me a little trouble, unfortunately. It’s this top from P&M woolcraft:

This top is a blend of silk and merino, and I’m finding it quite challenging to spin. I intended to spin a slightly thicker, lower-twist yarn than my other recent attempts, but difficulty drafting the top evenly means that the single is very unevenly spun. I’ll have to resign myself to this yarn being on the novelty side of things, I think.


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