Sudden discoveries

Remember this post, where I lament my complete inability to locate or recollect an ad I’d come across for a yarn company website which featured a free pattern for a lacy vest? Two days ago, while reorganizing my knitting magazine stash (so proud of myself, as they are now organized chronologically in separate binders for each publication), I happened upon the correct ad in a magazine I could have sworn I’d checked several times already. Turns out the site in question was Patons. The offer expired in March, but luckily the pattern was still free with registration on the site and.. well. I don’t know if I’ll knit it, but I downloaded it with that same satisfaction you feel when you wake up in the middle of the night suddenly remembering a name or a word that has eluded you the whole day.

In other follow-up news, my wonderfully hemmed top-down raglan is now even more impressively hemmed, with a deep and, surprisingly, straight hem at the bottom of the sweater. I have half of a short sleeve and its attendant hem to go before I can proudly show off the FO. With a long weekend barely started, I’m hoping that can happen within the next few days. You can tell that I’m ridiculously proud of the hemming action, can’t you:
hem goodness

 The last month I’ve been in a blogging pickle – I’ve had time to either knit, spin or blog about knitting and spinning, and if I didn’t spend it actually knitting or spinning I’d have no knitting or spinning to blog about and, well. But the upside is, I now actually have two whole blog posts’ worth of knitting and spinning to share. Next post: A spinning FO and some new spinning fibre.


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