I was recently in Iceland. Iceland, of course, has a rich knitting tradition, but I was still surprised to see that tourist shops sold handknit sweaters, and very reasonably priced, too. In Norway, which also has an important knitting heritage, all traditional sweaters for sale are machine knit.

I considered getting some Lopi yarn for a traditional Lopa peysa (Lopi Sweater), but decided against it when I felt how scratchy the yarn was. I got a handknit vest with the distinctive Icelandic yoke, though. Pictures to come, as I’m too tired to pull out the camera.

I didn’t leave Icelandic yarn entirely alone, though:

The pattern book is Three-cornered and long shawls (the pattern book is in Icelandic, but it comes with English translation in a separate booklet). It is lovely traditional shawl patterns, and even has an interesting section on the history of lace knitting in Iceland. The yarn is Lodband Einband, a singles yarn that feels significantly softer than the Lopi yarns. I spotted several wonderful lace shawls in the tourist shops as well, so I’m eager to see what comes out of the combination of this pattern book and this yarn.


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