The last few weeks have been rather busy, and my blog has suffered from winter-related lack of lighting for good photography, so I have a few items to catch up on.

First, my murky yarn, here off the niddy noddy:
Superwash BFL, handdyed by Allspunup


Superwash BFL, handdyed by Allspunup.

335 metres, 115 grams.

Spun and plied on my Ashford Traditional using the 9:1 ratio on the regular flyer.

This is my current spinning project:
BFL, handdyed by Allspunup

I’m hoping to turn this regular BFL into a three-ply. The single is so thin that I worry it won’t hold up to plying. Also, with the very thin singles this is taking forEVER.

My new knitting project, which will receive the honour of going with me on a weekend at the cabin, is yet another simple raglan, this one in a tweedy blend of cotton, acrylic and viscose. I’m particularly proud of the way I executed the turned hem of the top edge, even if the way I secured the stitches the hem slanted a little.

PS! I just finished making my very own light box for my craft photography. I’m not going to claim that the pictures in this post are photographic genius, but I do think the DIY lightbox makes a difference. Compare the top picture to this one of the same yarn, for example! I used this tutorial.


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