After a small hiatus due to a dishcloth knitting spree over the holidays, I’m now back to my spinning wheel. I’ve started spinning some lovely handpainted superwash BFL from Allspunup: allspunup1web

It’s a very nice spinning experience. I’ve always liked BFL, and was surprised at how nice this superwash version feels. I’m a little worried that the colours are too dark for any variegation to really show up. I have another braid in the same general colour scheme in merino which is significantly lighter. I’m very happy with the service and products from Allspunup, but I’ll probably not shop there again due to the inconvencience and cost of having to deal with customs.

I’ve also started a new knitting project. I’m using my second wheelspun yarn to knit a devil’s cap type hat for my daughter:
Handspun BFL, for child's devil's cap

This first try will be frogged, as I’m not sure it will turn out big enough. I’m starting over with a new pattern. There are dozens of patterns out there for more or less similar designs.

And lastly, I enjoyed a bit of guilt-free stash enhancing today as I used a birthday gift card to get some truly lovely yarn for a summer top:
Garnstudio Lin

This is ten balls of Garnstudio’s possibly (?) new yarn Lin (100 % linen). It’s a single ply and the shine is amazing. I also love the colour, it’s quite close to the colour of my FLS. The yarn is sitting, coincidentally, inside one of the baskets my kids got me for my birthday to hold all my spinning paraphernalia. I’ve been daydreaming about how I want my summer top to look. I need it to have a slight a-line shape and to cover the shoulders. Here is an idea I drew up very quickly:

I’m not sure I’m up to the challenge of designing it myself, but at least it gives me some idea of what I’m looking for in a pattern. I think I’ve exaggerated some of the details a little, and I’ve had a rethink about the suggested waist ribbing, but I think the general shape would be cute.


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