A knitter through and through

So I’m surfing the online newspapers, and idly decided to open a political analysis arguing that Obama has copied much from Ronald Reagan. But the salient points – or even any points – of the analysis escaped me, because the article is accompanied by a picture of Obama in a crowd at an election meeting. And one of the women in the photo has an absolutely stunning knitted hat.

Anyone know where I can get the pattern?


1 Response to “A knitter through and through”

  1. 1 Jane 14 November, 2008 at 12:38 am

    Sorry, haven’t got a clue, but it would be fun to take that picture and work out the design. The border could be seed stitch or a wavy pattern with double yarn perhaps? The stripes are simple, but then you could chart the wavy stripe and repeat it around. As you can’t see the shaping of the top, you could look at some other shapings and decide which you like.
    A lot of the charm in this hat seems to be in the choice of yarn colours. At least that’s what I think. They really are lovely.

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