Colour explosion

I’m very taken with spinning right now. And I love playing with colour – here is some merino wool I bought at Panduro – it’s 150 grams of merino wool in three different red nuances.

Merino red on CD spindle 

I’m not very happy with the CD spindle, I haven’t managed to secure the CD properly, so it starts wobbling and shortens the spin time. I’m hoping to make this a two-ply, maybe with one single having long colour repeats and the other with shorter repeats. But so far I’m concentrating on drafting the merino – it’s not so easy. I have to draft very short lengths, which makes it harder to be consistent, and the fibre floats apart easily and is very hard to join securely.

Spinning has also helped me finish a long-neglected project. In the summer of 2006, I crocheted and fulled a bag from Dale Heilo, but I thought the all-white bag was a little boring, and decided to embellish it. I couldn’t come up with the perfect embellishments, though, so it languished in a drawer at my parents’. Now, while I was at Panduro, I picked up a tiny, 10 gram bag of rainbow wool in green-blue nuances, spun it up a bit thick-and-thin and needlefelted it onto the bag in a spirals pattern. I like it!

Rainbow wool needlefelted 


1 Response to “Colour explosion”

  1. 1 thekidneybean 12 April, 2008 at 10:47 pm

    I didn’t know you could make a spindle of a cd. Those red colors are gorgeous. I’ve tried spinning once on a wheel and I could get it to spin okay, but when the fibers ended and I had to add another it always broke.
    The needle felting was a good idea for the bag. It looks so unique!

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