Other people have babies too

One of my best friends had her second baby yesterday. As soon as I heard, I sat down to finish the mittens I’ve been making for the baby.

babygift FO

The hat is a simple beanie knit over 100 stitches with swirling crown decreases. The mittens were knit following my one skein baby set pattern. Since the yarn is thinner than in the pattern, they came out a little smaller, but suitable for a newborn-three month old, I would guess.

Yarn: Bånsull 2-tråds merino, 10 grams for the hat and 6 for the mittens.

Needles: 2 and 2.5 mm for the hat, 2 and 2.75 mm for the mittens.

baby mittens WIP

The mittens were knit two at once using magic loop (and my brand new, excellent Knitpicks fixed circulars ordered from Get Knitted!) Getting both mittens on the needles in the correct configuration was fiddly, but once they were on the technique wasn’t particularly hard to master. I did have problems with ladders, particularly when switching yarns in the middle. Also, having to use two balls of yarn lessens the portability of the project – an element which is the main attraction of sock knitting for me. I’m not sure I will use this technique very often, but I would like to try it with some baby socks as well.

Blog notes

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve made some changes to the blog design. Connections, the WordPress theme I used before, is pretty, but has some serious problems, mainly the lack of the sidebar menu when you view a single post. Using the excellent WordPress theme reviews, I concluded that Tarski looked like a good bet. I also wanted a new header image, as I’ve long finished the project whose yarn was featured in the old one. I’ve made many red projects recently and wanted to reflect that.


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