The good thing about October

It’s woollen socks weather. And just in time for it, here’s my new pair of socks, finally finished:

Pattern: The continental heel from Knitting without Tears and the rosebud toe from Knitting on the Road.

Trekking socks FO

Project: Plain stockinette socks


Yarn: Trekking XXL in colourway 146.

Needles: 2 mm (ribbing) and 2.5 mm dpns.

Thoughts: The next time I knit top down socks for myself, I want to make the following changes:

  • Cast on 64 stitches instead of 60. These socks are a little too snug. It’s not a huge problem, but slightly bigger would be better.
  • I want to try the slip stitch heel, which I think looks neater than a plain heel flap with garter border. I’d also like to try a new heel-turning method.
  • I should do less steep gusset decreases. On these socks I decreased on every row, but every second or even every third would be better.

The main reason I’ve not made these improvements in these socks is that they’ve been my portable project, and it’s just easier to work elements I already know when I’m on the go. I’m thinking of putting together a small card with the instructions for all the sock elements I’d like to try and put it in my wallet 😉

I’ve also been working on filling in the gaps in the baby wardrobe. I noticed a couple of days ago that we have no woollen mittens:

I made these mittens to match the blueberry hat that I’ve presented previously. I searched the Ravelry pattern database for mitten patterns in fingering weight, but couldn’t find anything, so I improvised. Just in case anyone else is interested, I threw together the patterns for the hat and the mittens, and you can download them here: One skein baby set. Together, the hat and the mittens took 39 grams, or less than a ball, of Dale Baby Ull.

mittens FO liten


one skein baby set lite


2 Responses to “The good thing about October”

  1. 1 Kathleen 4 November, 2007 at 3:45 am

    Just gorgeous! I love the color. Certainly an inspiration.

  1. 1 Argosy and baby socks « Expat knits and crochets Trackback on 13 December, 2007 at 1:01 pm

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