A trip to Tunisia; sock progress

Tunisian crochet washclothA bit of a catch-all post today. Yesterday, I decided to crown my washcloth-making efforts with an experiment in Tunisian crochet. I used some leftover Madame Tricote 6/4 cotton and a 5 mm hook. It seems to me that you need larger hooks for Tunisian than you would use in normal crochet or knitting? I’m pretty pleased with it, but I was quickly bored with the process of making the stitches. The hook was too long to be comfortable (I don’t like straight knitting needles for the same reason) and the curling is quite pronounced. However, I do think the texture of the stitches will make for a very comfortable, slightly exfoliating facecloth.

Sock progressI’m also working on my sock. As you can see, little progress has been made since my last post. It took me a while to get comfortable with the DPNs and the thin yarn, but now it’s becoming my take-along project, so I hope to make more progress shortly. I’m pondering a sort of cable-y look for the leg, but wondering how I can make that happen if I need to increase for the ankle (which I probably do – my ankles are the least dainty part of my body) . And before I can even start that I have to figure out how to turn the heel. There are plenty of opportunities for me to screw up this sock yet.

 Other WIPs: Sharfik, crocheted corkscrew scarf for my niece, alpaca sweater (not forgotten, I swear, just laid aside as I ponder whether to make the sleeves full-length or 3/4). No, I don’t think I suffer from startitis, why do you ask?


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