Five needles and a crochet hook, or: First sock

First sock
Originally uploaded by ceecrochet.

Apparently, I don’t have enough problems in my life: I decided to learn how to knit socks. Using the excellent toe-up instructions in knitty, I set to work with a ball of Lana Grossa Meilenweit (80 % machine washable wool and 20 % nylon, colour #1290) and five 2.5 mm dpns. Three frogged short-row toe attempts later, I have actually made it on to the foot. But good lord what a mess this sock is. The uneven stitches are to be expected, I guess, from someone who learnt to knit in July. In attempting to avoid ladders, I pulled so hard I pulled several stitches off the needle (hence the crochet hook – I wouldn’t be needing it more if I crocheted the whole bloody sock!)

Sock problem

But on the list of problems with this sock, the main one is the short-row toe, more specifically, the side where the wrapped stitches were purled. Is it supposed to be this messy? On the knit side, the mess is hidden inside the toe, and even on the ws looks better than the rs of the purled side. Experienced sock knitters: If you’re out there, your suggestions are welcome!

Notes that I’ll need come the second sock (ha!):

– Worked over 60 stitches
– Cast on 30 stitches using provisional cast-on
– Worked short-row toe with 8-14-8 stitches (tried 10-10-10, but didn’t like the narrow toe)
– Worked two plain rounds after undoing provisional cast-on before starting K2-P2 rib.


2 Responses to “Five needles and a crochet hook, or: First sock”

  1. 1 gray la gran 29 September, 2006 at 3:29 pm

    oh! fantastic! i am an experienced sock knitter, but not with short row toes & heels, or toe up. i primarily knit them top down, a la nancy bush. check out her book _folk socks_.
    for toe up and short rows, do some googling … there’s LOTS of information out there. there’s so much information, i just might try it myself again.

  1. 1 A trip to Tunisia; sock progress « Expat knits and crochets Trackback on 25 October, 2006 at 3:42 pm

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