Twelfth crochet project: Party clutch

Party clutch open

I’m going to a wedding. I have a standard dress that I always wear; dark brown, shiny silk with black woollen accents. It’s a peculiar colour combination, and it’s a bitch to accessorize. But this year I’ve learnt to crochet! Suddenly, the world of matching accessories is at my feet. My requirements for a party clutch are simple:

  • Should match dress.
  • Should hold cell phone and credit card
  • Should be small enough to hold comfortably in one hand, even while dancing.
  • Shouldn’t scream “clumsily handmade after prolonged and increasingly frustrating accessory shopping nightmare”

Party clutch closed

Pattern notes:
This clutch is made at a deliberately tight gauge. This is partly an attempt to restrain the notoriously stretchy tendencies of the viscose, and partly to avoid having to line the bag. With use, the bag will likely stretch quite a bit. I will revisit my lining decision after seeing how the bag holds up.
First sc counts as a stitch.


  • Garnstudio “Cotton Viscose” (54 % mercerized cotton, 46 % viscose, 50 gr = 110 m), 1 ball in colour # 023
  • Crochet hook size 2.5 mm
  • Yarn needle
  • Two 35 cm lengths of 3 mm ribbon in two different, matching colours.

Gauge: 10 cm= 27 sts and 30.5 rows in sc.

Finished dimensions: 16 cm * 6.5 cm (closed) 16 cm * 11 cm (open)

Chain 46.

Row 1: Starting in second chain from hook, sc across.

Row 2: Chain 1, sc across.

Rows 3-20: As row 2.

Row 21: Chain 1, sc in 31 sts. Skip next two sts, chain two, sc until end.

Row 22: Chain 1, sc in every sc, two sc in chain-2 space, sc across.

Row 23: As row 2. Row 24: Chain 1, sc in 12 sts. Skip next two sts, chain two, sc until end. (Chain-2 space should be in the same column as the one on row 21.)

Row 25: Chain 1, sc in every sc, two sc in chain-2 space, sc across.

Row 26: As row 2.

Row 27-50: Repeat rows 21-26 four more times.

Fold work at row 19, right sides together. Sc sides together. Weave in ends. Turn bag right sides out. Thread yarn needle with both ribbons and weave through the chain-2 spaces, leaving a generous tail on both sides. Use tails to tie clutch shut. If the flap does not lie flat, spray with water and leave to dry.


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