Ninth crochet project: Summer top

Ninth crochet project: Summer top
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I’ve just finished my first wearable, and I’m very proud of myself! This top will be just great for the hot summer weather we’re having, and the yarn is lovely and cool against the skin. I was drawn to this pattern because it has a very simple construction, and I was curious to see if it would result in a sack-like garment. I don’t think it did! Also, I like the shoulders being so wide, they provide more cover from the sun.

The pattern is “Bluse uden ærmer” from this book, and the construction is so simple that I’d like to make more of them – maybe using a more complex stitch pattern, though, because I was bored to tears by the end of the second half…

Modifications: None to the basic design. I substituted a cotton/viscose for a wool yarn (wool yarn for a sleeveless top? Why?), so I had to chain more to get the required width (row gauge is not an issue, as you work to a specified length rather than number of rows). Also, cotton/viscose is less bouncy than wool, so I was worried about it being too tight. It worked well in the end, though.

Summer top hanging

Yarn: Silva (52 % cotton, 48 % viscose) in #7132 (I used two and a half 100 g skeins). The yarn was mostly pleasant to work with, but the viscose ply sometimes unwound slightly (this mostly happened when weaving in ends).
Hook: 4 mm

Work started: 21 June

Work finished: 27 June


1 Response to “Ninth crochet project: Summer top”

  1. 1 gray la gran 29 June, 2006 at 4:40 am

    that is very pretty. it looks like it doesn’t have any shaping. hmmm …. congratulations on a fine fitting summer sweater!

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