Eighth project – fulled bag

Eighth project - fulling before

I’m in the middle of trying this fulling thing everyone’s talking about. This is a bag crocheted on the basis of the well-traveled bag pattern (only lower), and it’s currently fulling in the washer. I’m really nervous about this, I feel like anything could happen. But the yarn (Artic from Trysil garn) was very, very cheap (only $ 9.50 for the whole thing!) so I don’t feel I’ve wasted much if it doesn’t work. I crocheted the whole thing yesterday, so it was very quick, too.

eighth project blocking webUpdate: It fulled really well in only one short wash (1:30 on 60 degrees, no spin, with a dash of Woollite and a pack and a half of baking soda). I took it out, checked it and popped it back in for a gentle spin. It is currently blocking on a stack of baby wipe packs. I just wish I hadn’t put my jeans in the wash. I saw it recommended to increase the agitation, but I can see some specks of denim stuck in the felted fabric 😦

Hook: 8 mm


Before: H 29 cm / W 34 cm / D 15 cm

After: H 21 cm / W 25 cm / D 13 cm


1 Response to “Eighth project – fulled bag”

  1. 1 Kathy 24 June, 2006 at 7:24 am

    Beautiful. I put my item in a zippered pillowcase before felting; it keeps the fuzzies out of the washer and prevents other fuzzies from getting in your project.

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